Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Menu - week of May 4

Well, since I'm sick and bored, I'm going to go ahead and plan next week's menu, starting with tomorrow so I don't get confused and forget to cook something. The Navy Reserves have finally, FINALLY completed Brad's paperwork so he can start drilling this weekend. It's been a long time coming, considering he first started working on this back in November, when he was still Active Duty. Grrrrr. We've been stressing about this since January 1st rolled around and he was 100% civilian, with no income and no health insurance. The income we've managed without, but the lack of health insurance has been incredibly worrisome, so I'm glad that'll be taken care of this weekend. What a relief that none of us got really sick in the past 4 months!

Anyway, all that is to say that Brad won't be around on Saturday, and will be leaving Friday evening to head on down to New Orleans, where he'll be drilling, so I'm going to re-work my menu around that. On Saturday I'm going to let the kids decide what they want to cook, which will probably be something from their beloved Strawberry Shortcake & Friends cookbook. ; )

Next week we have finals, and the schedule is all screwy. Monday we have Anthropology in the mid-afternoon, Tuesday we have Chemistry in the evening, then I have Sociology Wednesday evening, and Brad has Biology Friday evening, so this will mess with our dinner plans. I swear, we've gotten so spoiled with neither of us working, and all the flexibility that affords us in regards to cooking!

So here's the plan, tentative as it is.

Friday - Kids' night to cook: Macaroni & cheese

Saturday - Curry soba soup

Sunday - Coconut milk dal, flat bread

Monday - Pan Bagnat

Tuesday - Pasta with roasted zucchini, corn and garlic, French bread

Wednesday - Pesto pasta salad, bread sticks

Thursday - Garlic shrimp, green salad, French bread

Friday - Leftovers

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