Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've been tagged

Grace from A Southern Grace has graciously (har har) tagged me with something called "Look What I Made." I'm supposed to list five recipes that I've tried from other blogs.

The creator of this little game, Farida of Farida's Azerbaijani Cookbook, says that "this is a great opportunity to give kudos to the fellow foodies whose recipes we used and inspire them to post more of their yummies. A way to say thank you for what they do. I also think this tag will help us discover some interesting recipes and blogs out there. There are a lot of delicious recipes hidden somewhere in the archives, and this tag may actually give them another chance to shine." Let's do this.

I don't have a lot, in all honesty, because until recently most of my recipes have been from cookbooks, or allrecipes.com, or they were just things that I grew up watching my mom cook. But here are some bloggers' recipes that I've made:

Cinnamon Rolls from Joy the Baker

Crispy Sage & Brown Butter Pasta from Technicolor Kitchen

Cabbage Rolls from sweets, savories, etc.

Asian Noodle Salad from The Pioneer Woman

And most recently, Coconut Milk Dal from Chocolate Shavings

Be sure to check out their blogs and see what they've got going on!

And because I'm a lameass spoil sport, I'm not going to tag anyone just now. I'm still fairly new to the exciting world of food blogging, and aside from the lovely Grace who graces (har har) my blog with comments on almost everything I make (thank you! I love your comments and they always make me laugh!), I don't e-know enough other food bloggers to tag them. But I'll file this away for the future, and I'll tag people with it then. ; )

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Grace said...

i aim to please. :)

hopefully you'll get a lot of new readers from playing along!