Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For serious?

I made popcorn for the kids a couple weeks ago, for movie night while we watched Enchanted (one of the cutest movies ever, by the way). When my 5 year old saw that I was making popcorn, she got all excited and said "oooooh, do you have any cream cheese?" Huh? Yep, my crazy kid likes cream cheese with her popcorn. Now, her obsession with cream cheese is nothing new. This kid will literally eat a brick of cream cheese like most people eat a candy bar. She discovered it when I was making a cheesecake and she swiped the remaining bits of cream cheese on the Philadelphia wrapper. After that, we couldn't leave an opened container of cream cheese in the fridge, or we would find it later with a bunch of finger dip marks in it. That crazy kid...

So yeah, she somehow came up with the idea to combine cream cheese with popcorn when we had a babysitter over, and now she doesn't want her popcorn any other way. I humored her today -- we were having Mommy & Meg's Day of Fun, after all -- and stirred a couple tablespoonfuls of cream cheese into her popcorn. It took some work to distribute it evenly, but you know what? It was actually pretty good!

I tried to get some pictures, but it's kind of hard to adequately show white cream cheese on white popcorn. You can get the idea, though, I'm sure, and that smile on her face says a lot, too.




Life With Jack said...

That's too funny!!! It doesn't sound too bad! :) Oh, and I had to laugh at your "Mommy & Meg's Day of Fun" because it reminded me of the episode of Friends with "Joey & Janice's Day of FUN!"

Cheryl said...

As a matter of fact, that's where the Day of Fun title came from. LOL I loved that show!