Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekly Menu - week of February 17th

Here's my menu plan for the coming week.  I'm still working on keeping us vegan at home, although we did slip up a few times this past week.  Still, though, we've cut back drastically on our dairy intake at home, so I'm proud of us!

This week I'm going to start taste-testing various vegan products like soy cheese, rice milk, and so forth, as well as meat replacements like seitan and tempeh.  I've had rice milk and soy milk before, but haven't ever used it in baking, so we'll see how that works out this week.  

breakfast - cinnamon toast
lunch - we went to an NCAA basketball game, and got 4 free hot dogs and sodas with our family pack of 4 tickets.  Nice!  
dinner - Pasta with Rustic Tomato, Basil & Kalamata Olive Sauce, and french bread

breakfast - French Puffs
lunch - taking the kids out to eat before the ladies' basketball game
dinner - leftovers

breakfast - tofu scramble w/broccoli and soy cheese
lunch - pb&j sandwiches, fruit
dinner - red curry tofu with rice

breakfast - oatmeal and toast
lunch - granola bars and fruit
dinner - Baja-style grilled tempeh tacos

breakfast - cereal and rice milk
lunch - taco salad made with leftover taco ingredients
dinner - seitan pot pie

breakfast - cinnamon toast and applesauce
lunch - granola bars and fruit
dinner - chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce, roasted veggies and potatoes

breakfast - banana nut muffins
lunch - pb&j, fruit and pretzels
dinner - Creole stuffed bell peppers, messy rice, hot-sauce glazed tempeh, and green salad

breakfast - pancakes
lunch - leftovers from last night's dinner
dinner - burritos filled with black beans with chipotle adobo sauce, rice, soy cheese and salsa

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