Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Menu - week of Sept 28

Here's my plan for this week! There are a bunch of Indian recipes I've been dying to try. Can't wait!

Sunday - dinner out with Brad's mom

Monday - we have class until 9:30pm, so we will just grab something on the way

Tuesday - Punjabi Chana, rice, salad

Wednesday - Aloo Palak, naan

Thursday - Musurir Dal, rice, salad

Friday - potatoes in spicy peanut and sesame paste, peanut rice, salad

Saturday - date night!


Susan said...

Sorry. Not meaning to sound hostile...but Vegan is HARD!
I don't know how you can possibly do it - I would give in after like, 5 minutes! Anyway, I think you are a cool gal, so you aren't a Vegan Dip. yet. :)

sarahom said...

Feeling like Indian this week, huh? :) Hope you have a great week Cheryl!

Lea said...

Great menu. If you haven't been to her site yet, a visit to Manjula's is essential...she has a great video showing how to make roti.