Sunday, February 4, 2007

Finger Sandwiches


Cucumber and lemon butter on white bread (combine ½ c softened butter with zest of one lemon)

Cucumber and dilled cream cheese on white bread (combine 4 oz cream cheese with 1 Tbsp fresh dill weed)

Chicken salad with sliced almonds on honey wheat bread (use your favorite chicken salad recipe. Curry chicken salad is particularly good)

Radish with cream cheese and black pepper on wheat bread

Goat cheese with fresh tomato and basil on hearty whole-grain bread

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and fresh dill on pumpernickel

Orange butter on banana bread (combine ½ cup softened butter with zest of one orange, and 1 Tbsp fresh orange juice)

To prepare finger sandwiches, stack 5 or 6 slices of bread and carefully remove crusts with a serrated bread knife. Spread/fill with desired toppings and cut into fingers or triangles. For chicken salad sandwiches, roll the edges in sliced almonds.

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